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Hacienda Dos Olivos

Never a Dull Moment!

Hacienda Dos Olivos is in a prime base from which you have the freedom to explore the beautiful sights, exciting attractions and events of Andalusia, and take part in some of the numerous leisure activities available in the area, as well as clinics and workshops at Dos Olivos itself.

3 3aa country house entrance sunrise gThe Country House: A Traditional Andalusian Hacienda

You can enjoy the warmth, comfort and tranquility of the secluded Dos Olivos country house.



3 3ba andalusian cuisine
Andalusian Cuisine: Delicious Regional Flavours

Traditional home cooked Andalusian cuisine is prepared for you by our Spanish cook with local produce, regional and Moorish flavours, ……..



3 3cc teamThe Team: Friendly and Helpful People

The full enjoyment and experience of your stay at Dos Olivos does not only rest on its charm, peaceful tranquillity and beauty. Meet the Team, who host your stay.




3 3da organic farmOrganic Farm: Healthy Lifestyle

Olive farming is the very essence of Andalusia and Spanish cuisine………





3 3ea location map donanaLocation: Easy to Reach, yet secluded

Situated in Andalucia, South of Spain, an area famed for its wonderful climate, cultural diversity and rich history.






3 3fa guest reviews tourismGuest Reviews: What do our guests say

Testimonials from guests who have stayed with us at Hacienda Dos Olivos.

Andalusian Cuisine

3 3ba andalusian cuisine vegetablesDelicious Regional Flavours

At Hacienda Dos Olivos traditional home cooked Andalusian cuisine is prepared for you by our Spanish cook with local produce, regional and Moorish flavours, accompanied with good Spanish table wine and Spanish beer.

"Fantastic food and wine". ~ E. Stai, Norway

Dining at Hacienda Dos Olivos

3 3bb andalusian cuisine tapas dos olivos dos olivosIn the mornings a hearty Spanish breakfast is served to you and combines fruit juice, freshly baked bread, biscuits and cakes, and olive oil on toast with Serrano ham and tomato.

Lunch may be taken in the garden and is a buffet including cold meats, salamis, breads, cheeses, salads, and a traditionally cooked dish.

Dinner is enjoyed by the pool on balmy summer evenings or in the Dos Olivos dining room. Vegetarian/other diets may be catered for on prior request.

Tapas (Spanish appetizers) of sustaining nibbles may be served beforehand, as meals come a little later here in Spain.

A Sample of our Dinner Menus

Ensalada de Espinacas Marroquí

Spinach leaves sautéed with olive oil, garlic, spices, and preserved lemons, Moroccan style.

Carne con almendras y manzanas

Veal baked with apples, almonds, solera wine and laurel.

Col Morada con Patatas

Colourful red cabbage and potatoes seasoned with a vinaigrette dressing.


A traditional Andalusian egg custard, topped with caramel.




A thick tomato based cold soup from Cordoba, with Serrano ham and eggs served on top.  

Bacalao a la Roteña

Traditionally made in a terra cotta dish, the cod is simmered in rich flavours of Mediterranean vegetables.

Patatas con Romero

Oven roasted potatoes with extra virgin olive oil, a hint of salt and rich rosemary.

Arroz con Leche

Creamy Spanish rice pudding with a perfect blend of cinnamon and lemon.


Popular Hacienda Dos Olivos Recipes

Some of our favourite recipes

3 3bc andalusian cuisine tortilla paisana dos olivos.jpgTortilla Paisana

La Tortilla Paisana is a variant of the famous Spanish potato omelette where, in addition to potatoes, other vegetables such as carrots, peas or beans and serrano ham or chorizo are added. It can be served cold or hot, as a starter, appetizer or as a light meal.

Serves 4 - Difficulty: Easy


  • 4 large potatoes, peeled and diced
  • 1 onion, halved and thinly sliced
  • 1 green pepper, chopped
  • 1/2 red pepper, chopped
  • Peas (to taste)
  • 1 chorizo, thinly sliced
  • 4 eggs
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt and pepper
  • 2 tbsp chopped fresh Parsley


Heat olive oil in a frying pan over medium heat, cook the potatoes until translucent and firm. Drain on kitchen paper.

In the same frying pan, with less oil, sauté the onions and peppers. Add the peas, the chorizo and stir-fry.

In a large mixing bowl, beat the eggs together with the parsley, season to taste. Gently stir in the potatoes, chorizo, onions, peppers and peas.

Wipe out the pan with kitchen paper and heat oil.

Pour the mixture into the pan and cook on low heat, until the egg begins to set. Use a wooden spatula to prevent the tortilla from sticking and allow the uncooked egg to run underneath.

Garnish with parsley


Pollo a la Andaluza

3 3bd andalusian cuisine pollo andaluza dos olivosIngredients

  • 1 chicken, cut into small pieces and seasoned
  • 1 big onion, peeled and finely chopped
  • 2 mature tomatoes, peeled and finely chopped
  • 4 cloves garlic, peeled and finely chopped
  • 2 hard-boiled eggs, peeled
  • 2 Laurel leaves
  • 1 small glass of white wine
  • 1 small glass of Jerez – Pedro Jimenez (optional)
  • 1 cup of stock
  • 12 - 15 toasted almonds
  • Salt and pepper
  • Chopped parsley
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Saffron


Heat olive oil in a frying pan over medium heat, fry the seasoned chicken until golden on all sides. Transfer the drained chicken pieces to a large casserole.

In the same oil over medium heat, fry the garlic and onions. When the onions are golden add tomatoes.

In a blender, place garlic, onions, tomatoes, almonds, parsley, eggs, saffron, white wine and blend to a crunchy texture.

Transfer the processed ingredients to the casserole with chicken, add Jerez and Laurel leaves, stock if it has not been used in the blender and season to taste.

Stir to mix the ingredients, so the flavours blend, and then place the casserole over a high heat. Bring to boil and cook for 5 or 10 minutes to reduce the sauce (depending on how thick you would like the sauce to be).

Turn heat down to low and simmer covered until the chicken is tender.

Garnish with parsley and serve with rice or fried bread.

3 3be andalusian cuisine market triana dos olivos

Andalusian Cuisine

Andalusian cuisine is a reflection of the rich history of different civilisations (Moors, Christians, Jews and Romans) that have lived in the southern part of the Iberian peninsula.

The most important were the Moors who inhabited this area for over seven centuries.  They brought with them the tastes of honey, nuts, and different herbs and spices, dates, other fruits and vegetables.

You may sample a multitude of different flavours from small tapas to the well-known paella.

3 3bf andalusian cuisine gazpacho dos olivos

In the summer relief from the heat can be found in dishes, such as Gazpacho, a vitamin packed cold tomato soup, and a wide variety of salads, cold meats, fish and shellfish.

In the colder months, the Andalusian “estofado” (stews) and soups are welcome and warming, made with various ingredients including meat, poultry, pulses and vegetables.

The desserts and pastries of Andalusia have also been influenced by the Moors and are a mouth watering array of sweet biscuits and treats flavoured with chocolate, honey, almonds, egg yolks, lemon and orange, cinnamon and vanilla.   

The Country House

A Traditional Andalusian Hacienda

01-country-house-up-driveAt Hacienda Dos Olivos you can enjoy the warmth, comfort and tranquility of a secluded Spanish country house, within easy distance of some of Andalucia's most memorable attractions and sites of interest.

Whether you wish to:

  • simply lounge by the swimming pool,
  • revel in the seclusion and natural beauty of the estate
  • sample the delights of our local wines and cuisine  
  • explore the historical and cultural sites nearby or
  • take part in leisure activities and events

Dos Olivos will prove a relaxing and refreshing break with a memorable experience into some of the unique moments of Spanish rural living!

3 3ac country house court yard hacienda dos olivosThe entrance to the farm invites you up the picturesque driveway through the organic olive farm. This gives you time to take in your first captivating views of the house itself, a typical example of Spanish farmhouse design.

3 3ad country house swimmingpoolNamed “Dos Olivos” ("Two Olive Trees") in memory of the only two olive trees removed when it was built from the 34 acre grove.

Blending both Spanish and Moorish styles, the country house is built around a traditional cobbled courtyard, with a patio at roof level, from which you can see fine views of this landscape of orange, almond and olive groves.

Gardens surround the house, offering shade under the palm trees, and the fun of a summer barbecue by the illumination of the salt-water swimming pool.


We have two double rooms in the main house and two self-catering cottages, where guests have the opportunity to be totally independent and yet enjoy the atmosphere of Dos Olivos. Our small number of guests ensures you of our personal attention and retains the intimacy of this private home.

The rooms with twin beds and each with its own bathroom, are set around a marbled interior patio which, with its shaded glass roof, water fountain and greenery, offers light and cool in the afternoons of the summer. This is a favourite place to relax and read or chat about your day over a glass of wine.

The lounge has high-beamed ceilings and a log fire for cooler evenings, which is shared by our candlelit dining room. Meals are enjoyed here, or in the gardens, beneath an olive tree.

3 3aj country3 3 casita 2La Casita I

“La Casita I”, is a cosy self-catering cottage within the complex with views across to the stables. It has one bedroom with twin beds, a bathroom, lounge/dining room with television and a well- equipped kitchen.


La Casita II

La Casita II, is a light and airy self-catering cottage adjacent to the main house with tranquil views over the olive grove and riding arena. It has two bedrooms with twin beds, a separate bathroom, lounge/dining room with television and a well-equipped kitchen.

 Our stay was a wonderful time. The accommodation is perfect. The staff is composed of so nice and professional persons. Thanks for all of you”

~ T. & AS Chaudat, France

Rates for Accommodation.

Rates are quoted in € (euros), per night

  • Main House – includes breakfast.
    Double room (2 people sharing) – Peak season: €72.- / Rest of the Year: €57.-

  • Self Catering – La Casita I (for 2 people)
    Peak season: €76.- / Rest of the Year: €61.-

  • Self Catering – La Casita II (for 4 people)
    Peak season: €101.- / Rest of the Year: €86.-

  • Additional bed: €15.-
    Children up to 3 years: Free.

  • Pet: €5.-

  • Free Wifi Internet access available.

  • Group rates: Available on request.

*Peak Season: Easter, June 15 to September 15, December 22 to January 7

The perfect way to end the day is to take in the stunning colours of the Andalusian sunset from the rooftop patio with a refreshing beer. As the sun finally sets the local villages come alive, creating oases of light in the gathering darkness.


Leisure Activities

Fun Things to do in the Local Area

1 3aa leisure activities real alcazar seville

The rich natural, historical, cultural and gastronomic opportunities that surround Hacienda Dos Olivos provide you with a wide array of leisure activities for you to choose from.

You may to choose to hire a car to explore at will, or we are more than happy to make arrangements for you. We can arrange an activity packed vacation of leisure activities to suit your interests, from bird watching to hot air balloon rides, rich architecture to photography - from one day to a whole week of your favourite hobby - or try a new one!

Hot Air Balloon Rides

For a completely different view of our area, why not try a hot air balloon ride? Green Aerostation offers exhilarating vistas from 1,500 feet at weekends/Bank holidays.  On landing you will enjoy a champagne breakfast and be awarded a diploma.


An experienced local Falconer, Curro is dedicated to Falconry and has a variety of working birds.  He will fly them for you, and, if you wish, you can experience these beautiful birds sitting on your wrist.1 3ab leisure activities flamenco seville dos olivos


Think of Seville Spain, you think of Flamenco. The passionate blend music and dance is captivating.  You can try your hands (or feet) at Flamenco, whether in a bar, or an organised class. 

If you would rather watch Flamenco expertly executed, there are many different options in Seville where shows take place, accompanied by drinks or dinner.


Near Aznalcázar is Las Minas Golf.  A 9-hole course, with plans to expand it to 27.  It has a long, difficult 5-pars, wide greens and 4 lakes.

Historical Excursions

Special excursions will guide you through the history of Andalusia, showing you architecture and describing the events that bring them to life. You can choose an excursion to suit your time, budget and interests. Being so close to Seville gives you the opportunity of visiting the many historical sights of this beautiful city.

Andalusian Gastronomy

3 3bf andalusian cuisine gazpacho

When you embark on a gastronomy tour, you can look forward to combining the wonderful tastes of Andalusia in the most charming of locations. 

Andalucía has something for everyone.  From the seafood of the coast, the game of the forests, to the venison and wild boar of the mountains of the sierras. You can travel around sampling a range of dishes from the region, or just try the local tapas bar, an adventure in itself.

In most bars with your drink, delicious olives will automatically accompany it. Seville is famous for these bars and one could spend the day sampling tapas for a few euros. If you have a taste for olive oil, special olive oil tasting is available.

Spanish Towns and Cities                                     

From the heart of Andalusia, Sevilla, to the white washed walls of remote Spanish villages.  This area has much to offer you when visiting its towns and cities. Breath taking architecture, historical monuments, museums, tapas bars, peaceful parks and lively fiestas.  If you enjoy experiencing different cultures, the surrounding area of Hacienda Dos Olivos offers you a wealth of choice.

1 3ad leisure activities luisfelipe dos olivos

Wine/Brandy Tasting 

Brandy Luis Felipe  - it is said that in 1893, kegs of brandy were discovered in La Palma del Condado, originating from the son of King Louis I of France.  These kegs form the base of Luis Felipe brandy today, aged for 60 years and the “secret” recipe handed down by generation.  Known as one of the finest Brandies in Spain, a visit takes you back in time and gives you a chance to sample this fantastic spirit.

Bodega Salado – founded in 1810 and offering various different wines of the Aljarafe region, a trip to Bodega Salado gives you a chance to taste the delicious wines of this region, and, if you wish combine a visit with seeing the horses they also breed in the family.


There are 3 public tennis courts in the town of Pilas. The courts are open from 10.00 – 20.00.   You do not need an appointment and they are free of charge.  Please ask for directions.

Contact us, if you would like to see and know more about these or other leisure activities of the local area and what it has to offer, whether it is for a relaxing visit or choose one (or more) activities to suit you!

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