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Horse Trail Riding

Relaxed, Peaceful and Natural 

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A world away from the Costas………in today’s commercialized world, a unique experience is hard to find. True Spain is not packed beaches and bars. True Spain is a world of culture, passion, history and a celebration of rural life – and what better way to discover it than by horse trail riding?

The pace of “our” Spain is relaxed, peaceful, and natural. Horseback riding gives you a chance to lose (and rediscover) yourself, refreshed and relaxed with memories you will treasure forever. Rural Andalusia is a part of “real” Spain.

Trail Rides

Our trail rides offer variety.  From drovers/horse trail tracks or early pilgrim routes that used to drive animals as far as Madrid, some beside tranquil rivers and streams, through the dappled sunshine of ancient cork forests. 

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Rides also pass large plantations of almond, orange, peach or lemon trees (depending on time of year).

Quiet trail riding through the forests carpeted by pine needles, a horse drawn carriage ride along historical tracks, or even a “Luna” ride (riding by moonlight), guided by the stars.

All with opportunity to see fauna, multitude of birds and birds of prey, the local colourful and fragrant flora including rosemary, wild mushrooms, vast variety of wild flowers and aromatic herbs. 

You may prefer a beach ride at Mataslascañas on the outskirts of Doñana NationalPark through the sand dunes and down towards the Atlantic coast with a chance to canter by the sea is an unforgettable way to sum up your holiday. 

The Horses

The horses used for the trails are pure bred or cross-bred Andalusian horses, of varying sizes.  They are sure-footed, safe and forward going, good-natured with kind, gentle temperaments. Riders may choose both English or Spanish vaquero saddles and bridles.  Your horses are prepared and un-tacked for you at the end of the ride, although you may help if you wish.


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Trail rides vary from 2 and 4 hours. For all our horse trails you should be fit enough to ride and safely be able to walk, trot and canter in the open countryside. The horses are calm and well schooled, sure footed and confident in the terrain you will encounter. There are not a lot of steep slopes to negotiate and most rides have sandy tracks underfoot. Non-riders may opt for a carriage ride.

Please note that the weight limit is 90 kgs and the minimum number of riders is 2, maximum 8 to ensure personal attention to each guest.

Your Host and Guide              

Antonio (father) and Antonio (son) are co-owners of Centro Ecuestre Entre Pinares. They are responsible for making sure that your trail rides are enjoyable and exciting.

Contact us to arrange a trip for you.

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