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  • At Dos Olivos you will enjoy traditional home cooked Andalusian Cuisine; from a small “tapa” of olives to the well known Paella. Contact Us Tel. +34 955 750 562

The Team

Working All Together

The full enjoyment and experience of your stay at Hacienda Dos Olivos does not only rest on its charm, peaceful tranquillity and beauty.  Meet the Team, as it is also very much to do with the people and animals who host your stay, from the moment you arrive onwards. At Hacienda Dos Olivos all the friendly and helpful staff are qualified and experienced in their own field. 

Johanna Beattie Batista

Johanna oversees the general management of the Dos Olivos estate and is in charge of the instruction, schooling and care of the horses. 

Natalia Batista Beattie 

Natalia is responsible for the day to day running of the house, office administration and tourism related matters. 

During your stay with us, you may meet other members of our team:

Manuel undertakes a range of administration tasks and oversees the care of the buildings and the farm.

Diego is in charge of the general maintenance and care of the olive trees.

Maria looks after all you’re catering and housekeeping needs and she also delights you with the delicious typical dishes of the region.

Equine Students who during the year come from all over the world and study with us. They will be very happy to help you in anyway they can with the horses and around the stables.

3 3cd the team carlos dos olivosClínica Veterinaria Roncal, our vets., look after the animals at Dos Olivos.

Carlos is responsible for the shoeing and general care of the horses’ feet. His work takes him throughout Andalusia working with many horses, in conjunction with 3 veterinary practices. He continually takes courses in all aspects of shoeing to keep up with modern developments.

Rachael Argo                                                                   

Rachael has been a friend of Dos Olivos for over ten years and comes over to Europe once a year to oversee the correct fitting of our saddles. She is a Society of Master Saddlers (UK) Qualified Master Saddler and Qualified Saddle Fitter.

3 3ce the team rachael dos olivos

Originally from Scotland, she now lives in Nova Scotia, Canada and owns Callan Saddlery. She is also a co-founder with Karen Pyra of Dos Compañeros Spanish Horses Inc.

Animals at Dos Olivos

As well as great companions, our animals form part of the team to oversee the safety of the house and grounds.

As Hacienda Dos Olivos is organic, we do not use chemical pesticides.  Instead we have chosen dogs bred especially for this purpose, the Ratonero Bodegero.  Traditionally used in Andalusia to control vermin in the dark sherry cellars, they are experts at their job.

Therefore, working all together, we form a team that will help you to enjoy your stay at Hacienda Dos Olivos.

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And Bruno……

3 3cj the team bruno dos olivos


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